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We were founded in 2018 by a team with long-standing success in children's programming, branding, technology, and company building.

We are based in Berlin and Zurich and are represented in New York and, through our affiliated companies, in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


We (co-)own animation producers and studios NeXtFrames and Digital Graphics in Belgium, and we are building further production and distribution capacities in Europe and in the US. 

As part of ATMOPHERE MEDIA GROUP, we pursue strategic investments in existing companies and assets.

Peter Voelkle
Founder and Principal

Before Atmosphere Media, Peter was the founder and CEO of TV Loonland AG. He had  built TV Loonland to an internationally leading children's and family programming group, with animation studios, large  programme  catalogues, and distribution branches, but also with significant activities in licensing and merchandising, film and technology. Peter has produced a large variety of animated TV series and feature films in his career. He took his former company public in a hugely successful IPO but left in 2005 and the company closed in 2010. 


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Atmosphere Media is part of Atmosphere Group, a media and technology holding engaged in content creation, content distribution platforms and in media related technology. The creation and distribution of high-profile global entertainment brands in the children's and family market is a major priority and the group will pursue further strategic investments in the area. On the technology side, a major focus is put on VR/AI related technologies and streaming platforms...     

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