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In the 1990’s and early 2000's, Peter founded and built TV-Loonland AG into an internationally leading content and content-related technology group with a special focus on Kids and Family Entertainment. Peter built the company from small beginnings to become one of the most prominent and proliferate producers and distributors of high quality programs, with extensive studios and distribution outlets in various European countries, in the US, and in Asia, and with holdings in cable/satellite channels, VOD platforms, and online portals.

Peter led the company in capital rounds in excess of €100 million, established credit facilities with banking consortiums, and was responsible for a variety of M&A activities, among them the acquisition of the children's programming business of SONY WONDER / SUNBOW ENTERTAINMENT in NY and of Metrodome Group, an AIM-listed film distribution company in London. In 2000, Peter led TV Loonland to a successful IPO as shareholder and CEO. The Company’s market cap peaked at approx. €1.25 billion.

​Peter sold his holdings in TV-Loonland in 2005 and has since then been actively involved in a variety of activities in the media, entertainment, and technology industries. Until recently, he was Executive Chairman and is still a significant shareholder in a world leading technology company and producer of Virtual Reality content, specifically the creation of digital virtual human characters, in San Francisco.

Throughout his career, Peter built and/or led companies in Europe, in the US, and in Asian markets with business activities in AI/Virtual Reality, Online Streaming/VOD, Film- and Television production and distribution, Theatrical and DVD Distribution, Branding/Licensing and Merchandising, Cable and Satellite channels, Interactive Programming, Animation studios, etc.

Before starting his own business activities, Peter was assistant to the CEO of Kirch Media, then one of Europe's largest media groups. Peter is a special honours graduate in law of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and the recipient of a post-graduate fellowship of the Max-Planck-Society for International Copyright Law. 

Selected Productions (Executive Producer):

Anna&Friends (animated TV series)  //  That's Joey (animated TV series)  //  The Cramp Twins (animated TV series)  //  Pettsson & Findus (animated Feature films and animated TV series)  //  Babar (animated Feature film and animated TV series)  //  Heidi (animated Feature film)  //  Ned’s Newt (animated TV series)  //  Letters from Felix (animated TV series)  //  The Little Ghosts (animated TV series)  //  Something Else (animated TV series)  //  Big Sister and Little Brother  (animated TV Series)  //  Redwall (animated TV series)  //  Les Belles Histoires de Pomme d’Appi (animated TVSeries)  //  The Little Lulu Show (animated TV series)  //  Pongwiffy  (animated tv series) //  Metalheads (animated TV series)  //  Dragons Rock (motion-capture TV series)  //  Fat Dog Mendoza (animated TV series)  //  Aarons Magic Village (animated Feature film)  //  3 Friends and Jerry (animated TV series)  //  Robin (animated TV series)

Selective list of companies historically controlled and managed directly or through controlling interest/board representation throughout career:


TV Loonland AG (founder, shareholder and CEO), at the time leading content company in Kids and Family Entertainment  //  Sunbow Entertainment/SONY Wonder, New York; at the time leading developer, producer and distributor of kids and family programming  //  Telemagination, London; animation studios and producer of high-end family programming, commercials  //  Loonland Animation Studios / RG Prince Films; animation studios in Eastern Europe and Korea, at the time one of the largest independent studios for high quality animation  //   Metrodome, London; film production, theatrical distribution, DVD distribution, TV sales  //  Saerom Entertainment, Seoul; one of worldwide first VOD streaming portals and leading DVD distributor in S-Korea  //  Salsa Distribution, Paris and Miami; international TV programme sales  //  Var. Satellite and Cable TV channels in co-ownership with local partners in Russia, Turkey and other markets

Peter Voelkle is the founder and President of the Atmosphere Group of companies. Peter is a successful content producer and media entrepreneur with long standing experience in content creation, content distribution, and company building.​

In his career, Peter has developed and produced hundreds of episodes of TV-series and a number of feature films, mostly in animation, and in the children and family program category, among them many highly acclaimed and award winning productions and international top successes.

Peter was elected a worldwide leader in children's and family programming by internationally leading media publication KidScreen.

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