We co-own Digital Graphics, a leading animation and VFX studio in Belgium, and are shareholders in a world-leading Virtual Reality studio in San Francisco.

We intend to increase our production and distribution capacities through further investments.   

Digital Graphics

Digital Graphics is located near Liège and has serviced more that 80 series and films for over 22 years, among them many award winning international productions. Digital Graphics is a registered Belgian producer and has access to the Belgian Tax Shelter funding system and other national and international funding structures.


Digital Graphics offers 2D and 3D animation services and 3D CGI and Visual Effects for series and feature films. Animation services include the entire production process from design and development, through storyboarding, layouts, and animation, to ink&paint and digital post production. Live action services include high level 3D CGI and VFX postproduction.

Digital Graphics is in the process of developing a variety of Virtual Reality projects and is a licensee of Atmosphere Media's unique software tools for the creation of 'digital virtual human' likenesses.


Atmosphere Media Group owns licenses to unique technology for the creation of 'digital virtual humans'. The technology tools were developed in connection with the virtual recreation of one of the globe's most famous pop band, and - most of all - the production of 'virtual' Michael Jackson six years after the artist's death, which has set unmatched performance and technology standards for the Virtual Reality world.

Peter Voelkle, Atmosphere Media's founder and principal, was Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution, a San Francisco and Florida based pioneer in the development and production of computer-generated human likenesses/ 'virtual humans' for utilization in entertainment, life sciences, education and telecommunication (until Nov. 2017). 


Atmosphere Media will apply it's unique technology and experience in the development, production, and monetization of Virtual Reality content and will work closely with Digital Graphics and other partners and studios in developing a variety of VR applications in entertainment and other fields of utilization.