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My Spooky Family Logo.png

Format 52x13'

Target Kids

Category Series

Status In Development

Genre Action Comedy


Producers Superprod, Atmosphere Media, Digital Graphics Animation

Literary concept Stéphane Gallard

Graphic design Stéphane Gallard

Developed with the support of Cofinova, Procirep-Angoa and the Media Progamme.

Copyright© Superprod, Atmosphere Media, Digital Graphics

German speaking Territories, Belgium, Netherlands  Atmsophere Media

French speaking Territories Superprod

International sales Superights


Archibald McPrachett never imagined he would be spending his summer vacation chasing ghosts! Until he sets foot on the Ravenbdull Island, he lived like most kids: with his phone in one hand and a game controller in the other. But when his great-grandfather puts him in charge of caring for 100 ghostly ancestors, the 11 year old is drawn into endless adventures with his sidekicks. Pashmeer and Abigail, as they try to keep the mischievous spirits out of trouble.

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