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Format 52x13'

Target Kids 6-9

Category Series

Status In Development

Genre Adventure



Your new best furry friend !


In the little town of Bellywhale, legend has it that an eeeeenormous monster lurks in the nearby forest. Only little, eight year old Scout is brave enough to go find out if it’s true. What she discovers is the purest and most extraordinary living creature that Mother Nature has given her the chance to meet. Let yourself get carried away in a magical friendship like one you’ve never seen, the story of a little girl and a massively hairy, 8 foot tall monster! Dive into the incredible, funny and touching adventures of Scout and Osmond. Is there a child alive who has never dreamed of having a fantastic creature as his or her best friend? Well with Osmond, that dream has come finally true!


Producers Atmosphere Media in coproduction with Superprod and Digital Graphics Animation

Literary concept Charles Vaucelle, Luc Vinciguerra

Graphic design Charles Vaucelle, Gabriel Jollymonge

Broadcasters France Télévisions

Copyright  Superprod, Atmsophere Media, Digital Graphics

German speaking Territories, Belgium, Netherlands  Atmosphere Media

French speaking Territories Superprod

International sales Superights

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