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OctopusGarden Logo.png

Format 52x13'

Target Preschool

Category Series

Status In Development

Genre Adventure Comedy


Producers Atmosphere Media in coproduction with Superprod and Digital Graphics Animation

Based on the book by Ringo Starr, illustrated by Ben Cort, published by Simon & Schuster. Based on the song written and sung by Ringo Starr on the Beatles' 1969 Album Abbey Road.

Graphic design Ben Cort

Copyright© Superprod, Atmosphere Media, Digital Graphics

German speaking Territories, Belgium, Netherlands Atmosphere Media

French speaking Territories Superprod

International sales Superights


I’d like to be under the sea, in an octopus’s garden in the shade…

From the minute Jenni and Toby rush into their back yard to play in their homemade galleon, their imaginations run wild as they turn the world around them topsy-turvy and plunge into the depths of the great blue sea. There they head straight for Oriana, the Octopus’s garden. Oriana is funny and endearing as she leads the two children through this marvelously magical universe, teeming with all sorts of strange and surprising aquatic creatures. Adapted from Ringo Star’s famous eponymous book, inspired by one of the Beatles most beloved song and illustrated by Ben Cort, this poetic and timeless world finally comes to life on the screen, for the bug-eyed wonder of kids and the joy of their parents!

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