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Format 52x11'

Target Kids 4-7

Category Series

Status In Development

Genre Adventure Comedy


Producers Atmosphere Media in corpoduction with Eye Present, Pictor and Digital Graphics Animation

Based on The book by Tomi Ungerer

Copyright Eye Present, Pictor, Atmosphere Media, Digital Graphics


Flix is about the life of a young pug dog growing up in Cat Town, in a cat family. Over the river lies Dog Town but Flix is just as much a puss and he is a pug. This is an adventure comedy and contemporary classic that comes from the imagination of one of the 20th Century’s most enigmatic and captivating children’s authors. 
Life can be baffling as well as exciting when you are 8 years old. It’s even weirder if you are the sole dog in a town full of cats. Flix is bi-lingual and likes fish as much as bones, but the scratching posts at school are of no use to him and sometimes the pink mice that the cats consider a delicacy can be a bit gross. 
Flix’s family are all cats, and although he is the odd one out he is deeply loved by all. Here they all are loving a day out in the catmobile.
But Flix is an outgoing dog who is willing to try anything, even if it means pretending he likes sashimi and enjoys watching laser pointers. Together with his two best cat friends and fellow misfits, Munchkin and Tabi, he’s ready to take on the world and see if there might just be something in his delusions of grandeur! The truth is he is just as much puss as pug. It’s a dog’s life in a cat’s world, and Flix is taking it all in his stride.

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