We finance, produce, coproduce, and distribute children's and family programmes, particularly animated series and features, in all formats and for all forms of distribution (television, film, digital).

We also develop and produce VFX and VR content and possess unique technology and experience, especially in the creation of digital virtual human characters.

We are based in Berlin and Zurich, and have a representation in New York. We have a studio in Belgium and we are building further production and distribution capacities. 

As part of ATMOPHERE MEDIA GROUP, we pursue strategic investments in existing companies and assets. 



2020/21 SLATE


We may be a new company, but our team has had long-standing success in production, distribution and brand building of children's and family content ... 



We co-own Digital Graphics, a leading animation and VFX studio in Belgium, and are shareholders in a world-leading VR studio in San Francisco.

We intend to increase our production and distribution capacities through further investments.   


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